FSI Steps Out for An Afternoon

It’s generally a well-known fact that out of all the days of the week, working individuals always look forward to Friday. For some, Friday is the end of a five-day working week and the start of a two-day weekend. However, this past week at the Financial Services Institute (FSI) the staff wasn’t looking forward to Friday, but rather Wednesday.

These past two weeks have been long, but exciting for us here at FSI. The week of June 4, our President & CEO here at FSI Dale Brown served as an expert witness in front of the House Financial Services Committee on the need to create an independent regulator for retail investment advisers. This past week, the week of June 11, FSI hosted its event, 2012 National Discussions, in which executives and senior managers of broker-dealer firms from around the country came to share information and network. To end a successful two weeks, Brown advised all of us that on Wednesday, June 13, there would be a staff outing.

To start, we had lunch at Cosi, a café and bakery where the team discussed its successes from the past couple of weeks over sandwiches and salads. But that wasn’t it; after lunch we ventured out for a Segway tour of D.C.

At the beginning, not many of us had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. Sure we had all seen tourists on Segways buzzing around the streets of D.C. before. But to actually get on a Segway personally was a different story entirely. To some at first it came natural, like riding a bike. To others, it was a success not to fall every minute or run into a wall. But after a brief practice period in a park, we all got the hang of it. To experience D.C. from Segways was nothing short of phenomenal. All the sites we were able to see in a couple hours alone on Segways were simply amazing.

After we did a Segway tour of D.C., we finished the afternoon with a delicious dinner at M&S Grill to complete two weeks of not only hard work, but fun as well. Be sure to check out a picture of us on Segways outside the White House below.

Left to Right: Rachel Bernstein, Sarah Woessner, Jeannine Rhoden, Robert Lewis, Dave Bellaire, Dale Brown, Chris Paulitz, Keith Kelly, Kevin Whitehead and Ryan Caruso


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