National Discussions 2012, June 11-13

Editor’s note: Penned by our summer intern, Sarah Woessner, who joins us from Miami University in Ohio to help out with our communications efforts:

Let’s say for a moment that you are one out of 300 college students in a huge lecture hall. The professor cannot remember your name when you talk to him/ her after class and your questions never get answered even though your hand is always raised. It’s easy to feel that you are being “lost in the shuffle” and that you don’t get the attention you deserve.

In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, it is more important than ever that executives and senior managers of broker-dealer member firms come together and share information on what’s happening back home so Main Street Americans do not feel like they are getting “lost in the shuffle”.  While many members come from different backgrounds and offer unique perspectives, creating a healthier, business-friendly regulatory environment starts with one voice. To help, the Financial Services Institute (FSI) invites members to represent their clients from around the country to attend National Discussions.

The words “National Discussions” may bring up thoughts of that old, college lecture hall where you were just one out of many. However, this is most certainly not the case here.

Located at the Washington Marriott in Washington D.C., this three- day event allowed members to choose which discussions he or she wanted to attend. And unlike some college courses of 300+ individuals, each discussion consisted of approximately 20 members to create an open environment for in-depth conversation.  There were five discussions made open to members: Compliance Discussion, Investment Advisory Services Discussion, Operations Discussion, CEO Discussion and the brand-new Technology Discussion. Each brought different viewpoints of the skills, strategies and knowledge needed to succeed in a variety of areas.

FSI realizes that to succeed and become one voice in a multifaceted regulatory environment, it is the connections we make that will ultimately decide our achievement. After National Discussions, executives and senior members of broker-dealer firms do not feel like they are “lost in the shuffle” and managing the hurdles of a regulatory environment alone, but rather they are overcoming these restrictions together.


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