FSI Mobile App for Independent Advisors

You’ve heard it before but we don’t mind repeating it: nowadays, there’s an app for just about anything. Well, maybe not everything.

In a world of ever-changing technology, small businesses to large corporations to individuals, everyone is all hungry for the latest technology. With smartphones and tablets leading the way in these fast-paced times we live in, apps are a way for individuals to get instant, up-to-date information on topics they truly care about. And here, at the Financial Services Institute (FSI), we wanted our members to be able to advocate at a moment’s notice. We then thought to ourselves, what better way to do so than through a mobile app?

Just a few, short weeks ago, we launched the first-ever advocacy app that is intended to empower financial advisors to advocate on critical industry issues on the go. With features that include, but are not limited to, instant calls-to-action on industry issues, real-time news alerts, current petitions relative to different states and a complete listing of elected officials at all levels of government, the advocacy app gives independent financial advisors and financial services firm executives the mobility they need to speak with one voice and influence the regulatory and legislative processes.

FSI’s Managing Director, Marketing & Communications, Chris Paulitz states, “FSI, through its technology and operations council, acts as a brain trust, or think tank, when it comes to tackling the biggest technology and operations issues facing the financial services industry. FSI understands the important role that technology plays in both promoting our agenda and effectively representing the interests of our membership. We are fully committed to integrating technology into our advocacy efforts in the near future and long term.”

So while there may or may not be an app out there for everything, FSI and its advocacy app are now on the grid. And we encourage you to check it out.

The FSI Advocacy App is available for download by pointing your mobile browser to: http://www.financialservices.org/app/ .


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