Meet Our Members: Derek Bruton

Derek BrutonName:  Derek Bruton
Title: Managing Director
Company: LPL Financial
Tennis and music.
Desired superpower: The ability to instantly create more legroom for an airplane seat.

Coming from more than two decades of finance experience, Derek Bruton believes that by putting clients’ best interests above everything else and combining that with hard work, success will follow. Here, the former college basketball player turned tennis aficionado talks about industry growth, regulation, and developments.

It’s all about growth: “I run the Independent Advisor Services business at LPL Financial, and I’m responsible for growing the business through adding new advisors and through assisting our existing advisors with their organic growth goals.”

On industry regulation: “The most important issue in Washington is the classification of our independent contractor status, as it directly affects our ability to give independent financial advice to our clients. One thing I would communicate to Congress on this (on this issue and with regard to other topics), would be to spend time learning about the key benefits of the independent financial advice model and understand the differences between other advice delivery options for investors.”

Unforgettable career memory: “The celebration of LPL’s public offering with our top advisors at NASDAQ in New York City in 2010.”

What he wishes more people knew: “There are great benefits to unbiased, conflict-free advice for the American investor and that we help navigate the complexity of financial service and advice options available to them – and this is why we have to make our voice heard. As a member of FSI, I think it’s all about strength in numbers!  A larger, more coordinated voice in our federal and state governments will help us preserve what we think is right for our investors and for our profession.”

What he sees in his crystal ball for the industry: “I am bullish on the independent advice market!  I foresee much greater awareness of, and attraction to, the benefits of independent advice.  This will mean more advisors adopting this model, and more American investors hiring an independent advisor.”


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