Meet Our Members: Rick Carlson

Rick CarlsonName: Rick Carlson
Title: President
Company: Carlson Advisors
Role Model:
“My Dad”
Wise words: “Always be honest.”

After more than 15 years in the industry, Rick Carlson knows that the best way to success is through building a solid reputation as an honest, hard worker for clients. Here, the boating enthusiast and father of two talks about regulatory concerns, career choices, and how he sees the industry changing as a whole.

All in a day’s work: “My day-to-day involves using our professional, educational and life experiences as a foundation for working with clients to create, build, preserve and manage wealth. Our team approach, grounded in conservative investment strategies, enables us to provide the personal service our clients deserve that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

Why this is his calling: “Being an independent financial advisor allows me to own my own business, control my own future, and provide the investment products and services WE feel best suits our clients’ needs.”

Why advocacy matters: “I wish Congress would focus more on incentivize people to take responsibility for their own financial security – there are so many issues that need to be addressed. The DOL’s future Fiduciary Rules for IRA’s and ERISA accounts is probably at the top of our list of concerns because it will affect how we give retirement advice.  To this point, membership in FSI gives the independent financial advisors a voice in Washington, which is critical as Washington gets more involved in the financial aspects of our economy.”

A life-altering career choice: “As I was struggling early in my career to build a client base, one very successful businessman gave me a chance to manage some of his money. I worked extremely hard for this gentleman over the years – not because I thought it would lead to greater assets of his to manage, but because he trusted me, and took a chance on me, and I wanted to prove to him that it was the right decision. Over the years he entrusted me with more assets, including a 401(k) (my first).  I still remember the employee meetings we had the day we converted his retirement plan to a 401(k). That was September 11th, 2001. Five years ago, I married his daughter, and today we have two wonderful children – Hanna (3 ½) and Ella (1).  It’s funny how good things happen when you do what’s right for the client. Not only were he and his family and business great clients, but now they are family.”

On the industry’s future: “The basics of investing and planning won’t change, but how we deliver that advice will.  Advisors will need to continually adapt to those changes if they are to be successful.”


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