FSI Members Go to Washington

Members-on-the-HillYesterday was the final day of the FSI Advocacy Summit/National Discussions, and it was a fantastic blur of issue briefings, learning about the members that were joining the groups on the hill, and meeting with the different members of the House and Senate. The primary goal of the day was to address and discuss two extremely important issues: the Department of Labor’s proposal to redefine the term ‘fiduciary,’ and ask for support protecting independent financial advisors’ status as independent contractors.

More than 75 FSI members went to Capitol Hill to discuss these important issues with their representatives, and in the course of the day, after breaking into groups, they attended over 100 meetings – making even first-time attendees seasoned Hill visitors by the end of the day! It was wonderful to see members talk to representatives from their home states, talk about their business model and their personal stories of helping through financial challenges, building relationships that span decades, and explaining the importance they place on maintaining those relationships.

View our photo gallery of the event and share your experiences (if you attended) in the comments section – a tremendous thank you to all those who attended for making this a memorable event!


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