Social Media and its Impact on Broker-Dealers, RIAs

Social-Media-Apps-on-PhoneThe rapid advancement of technology in the past decade has had a profound effect on the regulatory environment. Many regulators are still working to update regulations that currently apply only to print media and other non-digital platforms. An article from Insights, titled “Social Media at the Intersection of the Personal and Professional: Challenges for Investment Advisers and Broker-Dealers” details several of these challenges.

One of the most relevant to our own advisors and broker-dealers is that of social media oversight, which has often generated conflicting rules for compliance at the legislative and regulatory levels. We have worked extensively with state regulators to make them aware of these issues, and made a great deal of progress in the direction of healthier regulation. For more information on specific social media bills, visit our members-only Advocacy Action Center (login required) and view our interactive map to see the latest developments on the state level.

Stay tuned for more on this issue and feel free to share your own social media best practices in the comments section!


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