OneVoice Opens with Focus on Leadership, Engagement

OneVoice-2014-General-SessionYesterday marked the first day of our annual broker-dealer conference, OneVoice, this year. At the Opening General Session, FSI President and CEO Dale Brown spoke about the past decade of FSI’s work, its mission, and the importance of advocacy in our industry. His remarks were followed by FSI Chair Michael Mungenast, who stressed the importance of member engagement and strengthening our voice in Washington, D.C. and the states.

The keynote presentation by one of America’s top 100 business thought leaders, John Spence, focused on building a culture of leadership to solidify not just employee retention, but also building an organization that values people – both as employees and clients. This presentation followed the earlier Leadership Development Workshop with Nicholas Beamon, a principal consultant, facilitator and executive coach at The Center for Intentional Leadership, where executives analyzed their own leadership styles and how they can improve those skills to better their organizations.

Stay tuned for more as the conference continues!


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