FSI Releases 2014 Advocacy Agenda

Capitol-DomeWe recently released our Advocacy Agenda for 2014, with a focus on the following issues:

  • Protecting firm and client data. FINRA’s CARDS proposal could pose significant data security risks to member firms and their clients. We are working to ensure that data collection by regulators does not endanger investor data security or harm to our members’ businesses.
  • Preventing a government ban on commissions for retirement advice. We continue to oppose the Department of Labor’s rule change that would ban financial advisors from earning commissions on IRA advice.
  • Preserving independent contractor status. We are fighting for federal legislation that will once and for all block efforts by the IRS to classify independent financial advisors as employees of their broker-dealers.
  • Working with FINRA for the benefit of investors and industry. We will continue to work with FINRA to ensure our firms and advisors have a true partner in their key regulator – not an obstacle to their success.
  • Giving back. Our members are coming together to improve financial literacy and inspire the next generation of financial advisors. We are also teaming with retired Marine Gen. Peter Pace to place former soldiers returning home from combat in positions with our member firms.

Are you interested in these issues? Let us know in the comments section!

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