State Advocacy in the Big Apple

Albany-Meeting-2014Last month, as part of FSI’s State Outreach Plan, members of FSI’s advocacy team traveled to Albany, New York to meet with members of the legislature there. FSI Vice President of Legislative Affairs Robert Lewis and FSI Manager of Legislative Affairs Tim Dawson, met with several members of the legislature, including members from the Senate Labor Committee, Assembly Banks Committee, Assembly Labor Committee and the New York Department of Financial Services.

As always, it was great to be able to introduce FSI to different members and their staffs and explain the business model of our New York members and the challenges they face as they strive to comply with laws and regulations put in place by the state of New York, the federal government, and the many different agencies that regulate their business.

Several issues that are currently important to members of FSI in New York were discussed, including social media, independent contractor, elder abuse, and financial literacy issues. It was also productive to discuss some bills specific to New York that would affect our membership, and we provided input on ways to improve the clarity of the language in certain occasions. Many of the members we met with were enthusiastic about our goals to increase financial literacy, and open to hearing about our ideas on addressing that topic.

We were also able to meet informally with several members of the New York Assembly outside of the Assembly chamber, including Asm. Jefrion L. Aubry (D-35), Asm. Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-81), Asm. Dan Quart (D-73), Asm. Alec Brook-Krasny (D-46), Asw. Joan Millman (D-52), Asm. Kenneth Zebrowski (D-96), Asm. Joseph Lentol (D-50), Asm. Harry Bronson (D-138), and staff for Asm. Steve Englebright (D-4). We introduced ourselves to those members, described our membership across the country and in New York, and look forward to speaking more with them in the future.


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