Three strategies that set high-performing advisors apart

exploring-partnershipsDid you know that high performing advisors2 had 75% more assets under management than other advisors—and more than twice the compensation?

Why do these advisors seem so successful?
The recent Fidelity® report, Plan, Diversify, and Differentiate: Three Strategies of High Performing Advisors, found that these advisors were:

  1. More likely to have a plan in place, including business continuity plans, marketing plans, and succession plans. They also set their own career goals, which may indicate a direct link between success and planning.
  2. Adept at targeting Generation X and Y3 investors and using centers of influence to increase referrals. They also regularly prune less profitable clients from their practices.
  3. More likely to make a concerted effort to differentiate their businesses and set themselves apart from their competition.

Find out the full story

To get more insight into the habits of high-performing advisors, and learn how you may be able to position your firm for long-term success, download the fact sheet and white paper, watch the video, or visit the website. (Disclosures are available online as well.)

This blog is courtesy of National Financial, an FSI Ambassador Sponsor.


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