Advisors and Social Media: The Importance of Access

Business TechnologyAccording to data from, not being engaged with clients or potential clients via social media could hamper relationships with a younger generation of investors. The 2014 study provided some interesting numbers, when it comes how different client types view access to advisors, and vice versa. For example:

  • 61% of advisors rank social media of high value to their business
  • 87% of investors surveyed are on social media
  • Nearly 1/2 of investors want to connect with their advisors on social media but cannot find them or conclude their advisors are not on social media
  • Investors connecting with advisors on social media tend to be satisfied with the level of access to their advisors on those platforms

As we’ve written before, we believe advisor access is extremely important to engaging the next generation of investors, and we continue to work extensively with regulators and lawmakers to ensure this platform remains a viable source of communication between independent financial advisors and their clients.


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