Communication is Essential to Client Relations

We have become so accustomed to uninterrupted growth in the market since the lows of 2009. However, with some recent market drops, it is probably about time to revisit your client communication strategy. After all, what is it that we do for a living, if not communicating with the people we serve?

Study after study reveals that clients leave their advisors not because of poor performance, but rather a lack of effective communication.

With these recent market drops, now more than ever, it’s essential that you take a look at your communication process.  I’ll say it again, the communication process. No, I am not suggesting that you must “predict the unpredictable” or “time the un-timeable”. Instead, I am simply suggesting that you ensure that you are using a specific communication process to help your clients understand what happens when the inevitable comes.

Read more of this opinion piece from Adam Cufr on LifeHealthPro.


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