FSI Adds New Financial Advisor Members from Two Firms

In yet another strong show of support for the Financial Services Institute (FSI), Spire Investment Partners, LLC and Portfolio Resources Group, Inc. announced that their independent financial advisors are now new FSI financial advisor members. The financial advisors’ first-year membership is offered on a complimentary basis by their firm.

Dale Brown, FSI’s President & CEO, said: “Everything we do is aimed at increasing our advocacy success. Regulators and lawmakers pay attention when our members, their constituents, are engaged in the policy making process. Once again, our collective voice is growing stronger and more influential. The momentum our members are creating speaks loudly that every independent financial advisor should join the fight to protect their business by becoming an FSI member.”

Spire Investment Partners’ CEO, David Blisk said: “Spire has been a member of FSI since 2008 because they are the only organization that advocates on behalf of independent financial services firms like us — dually registered and hybrid.  FSI shares our values and commitment to education and public awareness by representing Spire with our regulators, legislators and the investing public. Without FSI the best interests of our wealth advisors and clients would not be served.”

Antonio Camejo, CEO and Co-Chair of Portfolio Resources Group, Inc., said: “A growing number of investors are beginning to understand that they can make an impact by voting their conscience with their investment dollars, just like they do as consumers. Likewise, as a firm, we realized the importance of being part of an organization like FSI that gives voice to the interests of our specific sector of the financial services industry. Small independent advisors provide a critical service to the small investor, an investor who might otherwise be disenfranchised from professional financial advice. We look forward to a close collaborative effort with FSI to improve best practices in the industry and to reform, where necessary, misguided and burdensome regulatory mandates that negatively impact the ability of small firms to provide quality service. The proliferation of rules that neither serve the interests of clients, nor truly protect them, requires an industry advocate like FSI.”

In addition to advocacy, FSI financial advisor members receive: access to analyses of regulatory and legislative proposals; an Advocacy Action Center and all-in-one mobile app to easily communicate with legislators and regulators and keep up with industry news; opportunities to visit Capitol Hill and educate lawmakers; access to FSI’s Financial Advisor Summit and exclusive FSI publications and communications.

Members also now have access to two tools to help them sell the value of independence to prospective clients in order to grow their businesses. A 60-second video and corresponding infographic can be downloaded for free at financialservices.org/store. Both tools have received review letters from FINRA and are client-ready.

Read the entire press release here on FSI’s website.


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