These Personality Tests Help Advisers Make the Right Hiring Call

With 75% of an advisory firm’s expenses having something to do with its people, many owners use personality tests and other assessments to help them hire the right people.

Dana Anspach, founder of Sensible Money in Scottsdale, Ariz., uses the Kolbe Corp. tests with her staff. She recently relied on it to come to the conclusion that the person she had been interviewing for a new marketing position wasn’t the right fit.

“We were looking for someone who could get quickly to the bottom of an issue, and Kolbe showed she wasn’t it,” she said. “She was detail-oriented just like the rest of us.”

Ms. Anspach also uses the Kolbe Index, which measures one’s natural approach to problem solving, to help figure out which of her employees are best suited for different tasks.

“It’s been valuable for helping us get along,” said Ms. Anspach, who received special training in 2011 to be able to understand and use the results the $40 Kolbe online test produces.

Read more on InvestmentNews by clicking here.


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