Clients Showing Signs of Dementia: The Advisor’s Role

Are you feeling caught between a rock and a hard place with your aging clients who may have dementia? They may ask you to do dangerous things or take ridiculous risks. They may no longer follow your advice as they once did. They can readily be victimized by telemarketing scams, Internet thieves and other clever con artists. At the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease, there is already moderate cognitive impairment, according to research by Dr. Daniel Marson at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

You may realistically fear being on the receiving end of accusations that you should not have complied with a client’s outrageous demands for releasing funds to obvious crooks. The family of your client would likely be outraged if all the money is gone and you knew your client was being scammed. But is firing the client the only solution?

At, we think you have good alternatives to dropping your elderly client at the first sign of dementia or other cognitive problems. These alternatives exist if you have anticipated that some clients will develop dementia and you are prepared ahead of time.


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