Wanted: Your Stories

AdviceIQ.com, a website that runs advisors’ articles about investment and personal finance, is seeking to interview FSI-affiliated advisors for their stories of handling clients in troubling situations — for instance, a sudden financial reversal, a marriage problem, a family feud over an inheritance or any other woe.

AdviceIQ syndicates its articles to high-profile media sites such as those of USA Today, CNBC and Morningstar.

Obviously, they wouldn’t use the person’s name, and would give the advisor the draft before publication to vet.

They’re soliciting such pieces from advisor-writers for a simply reason: They want to show the world the good that advisors do. AdviceIQ’s mission is to convince the public that everyone needs a good advisor, that Bernie Madoff is not the norm in the advisor world, that advisors are caring folks and not just soulless money-grubbers. A lot of the public has a dim view of advisors. They shouldn’t.

If interested, please contact AdviceIQ editor-in-chief Larry Light, who previously was investing editor at the Wall Street Journal. Email him at llight@adviceIQ.com.


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