Introducing FSI Cybersecurity Awareness Month

As more of people’s lives migrate online, data security has become a top priority for independent financial services firms, independent advisors, regulators and legislators alike. In response to an ever evolving regulatory and legislative landscape, this June will be our first FSI Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

In conjunction with FSI’s Cybersecurity Task Force, we will provide unique content aimed at assisting and educating our members on emerging cybersecurity threats and trends throughout the month. Included are a series of webinars hosted by technology thought leaders in the independent financial services industry, as well as the release of cybersecurity white papers from some of our sponsors.

The webinar series will consist of three webinars throughout the month:

  • The first webinar on Thursday, June 4, 2015, is “Fasten Your Cyber-Belts – It’s Going to be a Bumpy Night: Results from the FSI-Sutherland Cybersecurity Survey.” Brian Rubin and Charlie Kruly from Sutherland will review the results of FSI and Sutherland’s recent cybersecurity survey, which queried FSI members on their cybersecurity policies and practices. The webinar will also discuss the SEC’s recent Cybersecurity Examination Sweep. Click here to register (member login required).
  • The second webinar on Thursday, June 18, 2015, is titled “Practical Tips to Address Data-Security Risks.” In this webinar, Hillard Sterling and Brian Palmeri from Winget, Spadafora & Schwartzburg will discuss recent trends in regulatory activity and how firms can enhance their existing policies and procedures, implement legally sound best practices beyond technical controls, and most importantly, create a corporate security culture designed to ensure compliance throughout the firm. Click here to register (member login required).
  • The final webinar, “Cyber Fraud Protection”, will take place on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. Bill French, Vice President of Customer Protection and Financial Intelligence Group for Fidelity Investments, will address the latest cyber fraud threats affecting the financial services industry and steps to consider taking in order to help protect your firm and your clients. Click here to register (member login required).

In addition to the webinar series, we have formed a Cybersecurity Task Force to study the information security challenges confronting independent firms and advisers, and to facilitate discussion among our members on how to tackle this issue. FSI’s Cybersecurity Task Force comprises information technology, operations, and compliance professionals from across our membership, as well as third-party experts from our clearing firm, law firm, and product provider partners.

As the work of the Cybersecurity Task Force continues, we will continue to keep members up to date on its finding and recommendations, as well as seek out new areas of concern that the task force should focus on.


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