Preview of Inaugural FSI Forum

Early bird registration for the members-only FSI Forum: Navigating a Post-DOL Fiduciary World ends Friday, July 1! Register now to save $200 off the onsite rate.

The Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule will affect every advisor and firm in our industry. And although we have shared a number of initial findings from our analysis of the rule and our discussions with members, articles and webinars by themselves will not be enough to help members adequately prepare for the new regulatory environment in which we now find ourselves.

In order to adapt to and comply with a rule that tallies over 1,300 pages, our members will be well-served to spend time in close discussions with the people most qualified to identify new best practices and policies that can help the industry continue to move forward in the post-DOL world: their peers, as well as the partners and thought leaders who have been helping independent advisors tackle difficult regulatory questions for decades.

With this in mind, we will be hosting our inaugural FSI Forum later this year. This members-only event, slated for September 25 – 27 at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, will be built to help members address its core theme, “Navigating a Post-DOL Fiduciary World.” The Forum will be in keeping with FSI’s successful track record of helping members adapt to key industry challenges through events like our National Discussions, Capitol Hill Day and others.FSIForum

Importantly, the Forum’s schedule reflects the feedback and input of a broad cross section of our membership, just like other FSI gatherings. This has been a crucial goal for financial advisor and FSI Board Member Tony LaJeunesse, who along with fellow Board Member David Knoch, President of 1st Global, is chairing the steering committee for this year’s FSI Forum.

“Our past Financial Advisor Summits were holistic events developed specifically for advisors by advisors. The Forum takes a similar approach,” said LaJeunesse, founder of TL Financial Group in Southgate, Michigan.

“Advisors will leave thinking the event was tailored for them, but so will broker-dealer executives and CEOs. That’s because David, who is a broker-dealer president, and I, as an advisor, come at this issue from two very different perspectives – and that’s a good thing. It makes for a more robust, diverse and comprehensive program that will hopefully benefit everyone as we confront this significant change in the regulatory environment.”

The FSI Forum will kick off with an opening general session highlighted by a broad overview of the final rule and a wide-ranging discussion featuring members of the FSI Advocacy Team. The next day, 27-year financial services veteran Jeff Bush of the Washington Update will provide his insights regarding the upcoming presidential election, as well as the DOL rule, and describe how both will likely impact our members and their businesses.

Also on day two, Phil Hansen will deliver his dynamic and inspirational presentation, ‘Embrace the Shake.’ A former artist who lost the full use of his hands after suffering debilitating nerve damage, Hansen embraced his physical limitations to create new art forms using unconventional methods. He will provide encouragement and motivation to attendees facing their own set of challenges.

In addition, there will be a series of discussion panels and breakout sessions featuring industry experts and other thought leaders separated into three tracks: One for advisors, one for CEOs and another for broker-dealer executives. The topics are scheduled to include:

  • Managing Liability Exposure (CEOs);
  • The Future of Advocacy & Regulation: Defeating and Rolling Back the DOL Rule (CEOs);
  • Managing Risk & Protecting Your Practice (Financial Advisors);
  • Navigating DOL, SEC and FINRA Compliance Requirements for Retirement Accounts (Financial Advisors);
  • Enhancing Supervision & Dealing with the Complexity of the DOL’s Rule (B/D Executives); and
  • Innovative Approaches to Educating Financial Advisors About the DOL Rule (B/D Executives), among many others.

As always, there will also be plenty of opportunities for attendees to network with their peers and share best practices.

LaJeunesse was very direct on the topic of why members should attend. “You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to gain both valuable insights and actionable information that have the potential to be differentiating factors in whether your business can survive going forward,” he said. “I don’t mean to make the situation sound worse than it is, but that’s the reality that many advisors in this industry are facing, and they need to be aware of it.”

We hope you will make plans to join us in September. Please click here for more details and to register. We look forward to seeing everyone in Dallas.


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