FSI Partners With Bachrach on Client Acquisition Platform

The partnership gives all FSI financial advisor members a discount on an annual membership for the platform.
By Emily Zulz of Think Advisor

The Financial Services Institute formed a partnership with Bachrach & Associates to offer its members access to the AdvisorRoadmap platform, which is a web-based client acquisition training program.

All FSI financial advisor members will receive preferred pricing on the annual AdvisorRoadmap membership. FSI members who sign up before Sept. 1, or who sign up at the FSI Forum, will receive a $400 discount on the annual rate for AdvisorRoadmap and pay $800 for their first year of access, after which the fee rises to $850 per year.

According to FSI President & CEO Dale Brown, Bill Bachrach’s AdvisorRoadmap tool will help FSI’s members “grow their practices, achieve their business objectives and advance the cause of strengthening the independent financial advice industry.”

The AdvisorRoadmap’s virtual training provides interactive courses that emulate what actually happens in real life situations. It provides instruction on the acquisition of high-net-worth clients in any market environment, competitive client service, leadership skills, and time and priority management.

Read this article in its entirety on Think Advisor.


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